Welcome To Maxen Hawk

MAXEN HAWK stands out from the crowd. We take pride in the fact that we are not like other network marketing companies. We are not a flash in the pan company run by a fly-by-night management team.

We are committed to having the best compensation plan, affordable and effective products, systems that ensure retention, and the best culture of any company.

MAXEN HAWK is a marketing company that stands at the forefront of product innovation. Committed to quality ingredients, extensive research, and unique formula, distributes safe, effective, and innovative products.

A commitment to create, provide a caring, enriching and rewarding environment for our associates and our employees. Also assures constantly and actively listen to them, understand their changing needs and provide them with excellent value-for-money products and services. Join us, and you will tap into a culture of growth, passion, fun and integrity that will bring out the best in you, and inspire you to help bring out the best in others. Get whatever you want..!!


Values and Vision

We work to ensure that all interactions with MAXEN HAWK and its products communicate authenticity, trust, respect and security. We are dedicated to creating freedom for people throughout the world by helping eliminate physical pain and offering significant opportunities for financial success.

Our goal is to create the healthiest family on earth. We recognize the strength and importance of families, and are building an extended Maxen Hawk family founded on unity, love and loyalty.

We believe that the work surrounding Maxen Hawk is vital, and should be done with dedication, with heart, with energy and with a sense of fun. Our products and wealth-creating system will positively impact the lives of millions. We are committed to share it with others. We strive to assist in the growth, development and success of everyone associated with Maxen Hawk.

Our vision is to establish MAXEN HAWK as a household name by becoming a top company and the leaders not only in the MLM industry, but also in the process creates the largest health-and-wellness company in the world. Our vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain.


Corporate Leadership


Dear Friends, Congratulations on your decision!

No stranger to the world of network marketing, Mr. Aashish Mohan brings an array of skills and abilities that make him one of the most dynamic and respected executive in the industry.

Having successfully managed thousands of individuals in over three countries, Mr. Aashish Mohan knows what it takes to motivate and lead the members of his organization. He has worked with several international companies, where he helped create and execute innovative marketing plans that have resulted in tremendous success in additional revenue.

Being an experienced over decades in Marketing sector, Pharmaceutical sector and International Network Marketing. Mr. Aashish Mohan is fluent in an Indian network industry and comes from a solid educational background (MBA from Singapore).

He has helped many organizations significantly improve business performance through building the organizational capability needed to achieve breakthrough business strategies. Especially for India He has vision to change the shape, strategy and building business possibilities as of International standards like USA and UK.

Today, Mr. Aashish Mohan is focusing his talents and skills on taking the SUCCESS message to the masses.

Get whatever you want…!!